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The Art And Science Of Selling (Part 2)

the art and science of selling (part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our series, breaking down the lessons from The Ultimate Sales Messaging System business eBook. This system is designed to teach exceptional communication skills to improve selling technique. It encompasses both the art and science behind crafting the perfect sales pitch. Enjoy! For so many, communication skills can be a roadblock, when they really should be the thing ...[Read More]

Perfecting Your Sales Message: Understanding the Basic Principles of Adult Learning

Perfecting Your Sales Message: Understanding the Basic Principles of Adult Learning

It’s tricky. How do you make your sales message stick? Why would people believe your pitch? After all, you’re just trying to sell them something, right? Let’s be honest. It’s easy for people to hesitate, doubt you, and go somewhere else. I call this the cycle of stagnation, and the best way to stop any cycle is to simply get off the merry-go-round. It’s time for something new. Instead of trying to ...[Read More]

Getting Customers To “Believe, Buy, Bite”

Get Your Customers to Believe, Buy, Bite.

“Believe, Buy, Bite.” This mode of thinking has long been a guiding principle for Perspectivity’s efforts to improve the sales and sales messaging of clients. These three B’s are stops along the journey we want all of our prospects to take. We want to craft a credible and believable message that builds rapport with our prospects. We want prospects to buy—obviously—but the p ...[Read More]

Perspectivity To Appear In Success Magazine

Perspectivity To Appear In Success Magazine

DALLAS—Perspectivity International, along with co-founder Brian Williams, is the subject of a “micro-feature” spread scheduled for the October 2017 issue of Success magazine. “We are in the behavioral change business, because training simply does not work,” said Williams, of his unique sales vantage. “If I can change your perspective, I can change your behavior. If I ...[Read More]