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The 7 M’s: Marrying Your Wedding Vows And Your Sales Pitch (Infographic)

7 M's that make a good marriage.

In one way or another, we are all in sales. Crafting a sales message, when done right, can resemble a great marriage. The parallels run deep. For those of us who are married, remember, your foremost customer in life is your very own spouse. Make him or her happy each and every day by delivering the goods you promised in your vows (a sales pitch by another name, if you think about it). In marriage, ...[Read More]

Is Your Company Self-Sabotaging Your Sales?

Is Information Overload Sabotaging Your Sales?

A recent study, by marketing research firm CSO Insights, revealed, “The top challenge in sales organizations today is that 90% of sales leaders believe that representatives have missed opportunities because of information overload.” The study shows that salespeople are missing opportunities to close sales because they are overloaded with information from their own companies. Unfortunately, informa ...[Read More]

NFL Hall of Famer schools Business Pros

NFL Hall of Famer schools Business Pros

Listen, we all know there is no secret to success. However, for some reason success evades most, even those actively pursuing it. I’ll share what I learned from NFL Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams (no relation) as he revealed what enabled him to reach success in the NFL, play at a high level his entire career, then be selected to the NFL Hall of Fame. How can you apply this lesson to your prof ...[Read More]

EXTREME Makeover – Presentation Edition

EXTREME Makeover – Presentation Edition

  We’ve all seen LOTS of presentations, and most would agree that many, if not most, are in need of a makeover of an extreme measure. Why? Lack of an intelligent design + Violates adult learning principles + Fails to use a proven system = Most Business/Sales Presentations Traditional + Boring + Green Polyester Bell Bottoms = PowerPoint  If you, like most other business professionals, us ...[Read More]