Perspectivity’s founder, Brian Williams, takes his experience from the Toastmasters World Championship of  Public Speaking semi-finals and brings it to the stages of corporations, groups, and non-profit organizations.

He uses a bold and unique combination of professional and personal experiences to engage the audience and  motivate them to grow and inspire them to change. He is a veteran speaker who can easily customize a message to fit the needs and interests of your audience.
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    Brian Williams is one of the most dynamic & motivational speakers in America today
    Brian Tracy

How to harness the Power of Effective Communication & Presentation

Ideal for conferences, large groups, kickoffs, non-profits.

Transform how your audience understands effective communication. These topics will not only incorporate the steps of our proprietary system, but will include professional and personal examples that show how effective communication can create powerful change in your business.

From Tragedy to Triumph

Ideal for conferences, large groups, non-profits, churches

Inspire your audience to reject the negative labels and self-defeating thoughts that have held them back
from reaching their greatest potential. Brian shares his personal story, filled with both tragedy and triumph, in order to motivate the audience to grow beyond where they are to where they want to be.

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Many other entrepreneurs & small business owners

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