The 7 M’s: Marrying Your Wedding Vows And Your Sales Pitch (Infographic)

In one way or another, we are all in sales. Crafting a sales message, when done right, can resemble a great marriage. The parallels run deep. For those of us who are married, remember, your foremost customer in life is your very own spouse. Make him or her happy each and every day by delivering the goods you promised in your vows (a sales pitch by another name, if you think about it). In marriage, just as in sales, we benefit from a daily re-commitment to our values. Marriage involves two becoming one. A salesman’s relationship with his customer, at its best, will be very similar. As salespeople, we must listen to our customers, build trust by focusing on what they need to be successful, and aiding in the decision process that should improve the financial standing of everybody involved (not just ourselves). All of these sales elements (and more) are equally important in maintaining a successful, glowing marriage.

This infographic is a quick rundown of the seven biggest lessons I’ve learned from my marriage that I have also applied to my business. They all revolve around the idea that we want must build our relationships to last, both in our personal and professional lives.

7 M's wedding vow sales pitch

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