1 Quick Tip For Creating A Message That Is Clear, Concise, and SELLS

Posted - June 17, 2019

Fun Fact: The brain can only hold seven chunks of information at a given time and then it maxes out.

Not So Fun Fact: That means your prospect will only be able to remember a small percentage of the information from your sales presentation or conversation UNLESS it’s strategically structured.

Isn’t that a crazy number? Our brains, the magnificent machines they are, can’t process even 10 chunks of information before they have to dump one thought for something new.

So how do we utilize that data to our advantage to create better conversations that stay with our prospects and increase sales? I’ll show you in a quick experiment.

Look at this list of symbols for 15 seconds, look away and see how many you can remember in order.

How many did you remember? 3? 4? Maybe even 5 or 6 if you were really focused?

Now try this…

As soon as I created a logical structure for that mess of symbols, it instantly became easier because you no longer had to remember “start with a $, then a ?, then another $…” you simply had to remember that there were 5 groups of 5 symbols and they were $B*?#.

When your sales presentation or conversation lacks cognitive continuity, your prospect leaves your presentation feeling just like YOU did after trying to remember that first grouping of characters – confused, uninterested and only remembering 3-4 of the bits of information.

Luckily, there is a workaround to this.

This structure I applied in the second group of symbols is the product of using content storyboards and you can apply that same concept to your sales presentations or conversations to create stickier messages that your prospect will actually remember.

When you’re creating your sales presentation, group similar pieces of information together to make sure it flows. Your presentation is simply walking your prospect through the journey of where they currently are to where they want to be. Make sure you hit all your selling points and the information is grouped into manageable chunks so your prospect can follow along and remember what they need to in order to say yes to the sale.

If you’re not sure if your sales presentation is a [email protected]#$# or a $$$ %%%??? Send me a message and let’s chat. I have a few tools that will help you create a clear, concise and compelling message that SELLS.

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