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Our mission is to bring you a new perspective on your sales conversations and corporate communications. You’ll learn methods to break down complex communications into a repeatable process that really works, and we do it all through engaging, unexpected tools and training sessions.

CEO and Founder Brian Williams has over 20 years of experience in software, marketing and sales focused on the high-intensity tech world. And he’s also a champ at public speaking – seriously. He reached the Toastmasters World Champion Semi-Finals, making the top 40 of 30,000 competitors!

Under Brian’s guidance, Perspectivity studied the art of communication and the science of how the human brain learns. We’ve developed a six-step framework to totally reimagine your approach to sales and advanced communication, so you can craft messages that are clear, compelling and concise…every time.

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Meet Perspectivity

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Our Framework

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Other companies may say they’ll teach you how to present well or deliver a great sales pitch, but will you really get tangible results?

At Perspectivity, we know how adults learn and retain information, and our program is literally built on this science. We use a simple process and your own real-world scenarios to teach leadership and sales execs alike how to command a room and deliver a story that sticks – and drives action. And we make it fun!

You’ll see transformational results, not incremental progress.

Find out for yourself why 100 Cisco engineers gave us a 90% satisfaction score, and why AT&T said our “intense focus on application” makes all the difference.

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