Getting Customers To “Believe, Buy, Bite”

Posted - August 24, 2017

“Believe, Buy, Bite.”

This mode of thinking has long been a guiding principle for Perspectivity’s efforts to improve the sales and sales messaging of clients. These three B’s are stops along the journey we want all of our prospects to take. We want to craft a credible and believable message that builds rapport with our prospects. We want prospects to buy—obviously—but the process does not end with merely getting them through the sales funnel. Instead of simply enjoying our products and the way we do business, we want them to “take a big bite,” to go forth, and help us to land future prospects via infectious word of mouth.

This may sound daunting, but when you look at each step, one by one, it’s pretty straightforward.

You must be intensely focused on capturing the attention and understanding of your audience if you want to gain more sales opportunities.

That’s the idea, in a nutshell. This is a line from The Ultimate Sales Messaging System, and continues to be a foundational part of how Perspectivity does business. Think of “Believe, Buy, Bite” as a tool to help you accomplish this.

Believe means cutting out all the bluster that comes with a lot of sales messaging. Remember, clear, concise, and compelling. Make the audience believe in you and your product’s ability to solve their specific problems. This is where you build trust and rapport with your customer.

This requires you to design and deliver your message with a high degree of thoughtfulness and customization. However you like to approach prospects, be it presentations, meetings, etc., tailor your message to the specific people you are talking to on that day. We do not believe in the concept of “one size fits all.” Listen to and understand your individual prospects, and show that you are invested in making them more money and helping solve their problems.

Buy comes after you have earned their belief and trust. Making a clear, concise, and compelling case for the prospect will allow them to make an informed purchasing decision. Creating a confident buying environment for the prospect enhances your chance of making the sale. Without that, a prospect will never get any closer to becoming a customer.

Bite happens after you’ve made the sale, and only if you’ve taken care to craft the right sales message. When you’ve truly honed your message down to its most effective version, your words will impact your customers to a great enough extent that they will start doing your job for you, helping to bring new customers to you. When this advocacy stage occurs, it means your message has “stuck.”

“Bite” is another name for “stickiness.” Like Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book, The Tipping Point, stickiness is one of the key factors that allow ideas, phenomena, and even brands to take hold and become a trend, a hit, or even an epidemic. When your messaging sticks, customers can’t help but perpetuate it. When you pair that level of messaging with a great product, your customers will swear by it in front of their friends.

There it is. Believe, Buy, Bite. As with all of the advice you’ll get from Perspectivity, this approach to making your customer the focal point of your communications is as much about the prospect as it is the seller. Don’t forget the prospect’s point of view when crafting your sales message. Remember, confused prospects rarely buy.

Do you have a success story about how you managed to get your customers to “Bite?” Perspectivity would love to hear it!

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