The Ultimate Sales Messaging System

Learn the Powerful 6-Step System to Designing & Delivering Sales Messages or Presentations that Convince, Connect & Convert.


Someone has taken what was once complex, and made it simple.

Why we wrote this book

This 150 page full-color book was written by two technology professionals who happen to have a passion for effective communication. They have worked on software systems for networks and large corporations, and found most in the technology field struggle to effectively communicate the true value of their product, service, or idea.

Often, we’ve worked with the smartest people in the room, but communication, effective, clear, and simple communication is not their strength.

So we’ve used the science of how adults learn and the psychology of how they make buying decisions as a foundation for this book.

Now we’ve built a system for you, a communication system that is easy to understand and simple to execute.

Brian Williams & Tasha Williams

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Are you uncomfortable with public speaking or sales?

"Finally, someone has created a powerful, simple and well-thought out system that works!"

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In This Game - Changing Book, You'll Discover...

  • You’ll learn some of the same communication techniques learned while I pursued the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters.
  • You’ll learn the science behind what keeps people from buying from you.
  • The 6 powerful communication techniques I used when competing for the World Championship of Public Speaking for Toastmasters
  • The little known neuroscience secret behind what keeps people from buying from you
  • You’ll also learn why the audience disengages and how to avoid this so it doesn’t happen to you.
  • The simplicity of the system is designed to minimize your workload, while increasing your understanding, so you’ll maximize the experience your listeners have.
  • Why and audience “disengages” even when you are sharing powerful information and what to do to avoid it ever happening again.
  • How to simplify your system so that you can minimize your workload why increasing your results.

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Patrick Howard
OE Capital Partners

“After working with Brian, we had a new investor sign up THAT day.”

Bob Kaplitz

“Brian shares information that you won’t get anywhere else.”

Gerrit Swergel

“He demonstrates how is presentation should be done.”

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