Communication: It’s All About Perspective

Posted - April 21, 2016


“Some people just have it,” and the all time favorite, “I fear making any mistakes!” These are misguided myths that hold speakers captive and in fear of making presentations.

Here’s a new perspective.

1. Some people just have it – Confucius said it best when he said, “Success depends upon preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”

A Different Preparation – Accomplished speakers are confident with the material they are presenting, but they are not as confident in their knowledge of the audience. However, if a speaker makes the presentation speak to the audience’s interests and concerns (very uncommon by the way), their preparation will have paid off and will send their confidence soaring to new heights as they look out on an actively engaged audience. (See our next article, “Exceptional Communication Starts with the Audience.”)

2. I fear making any mistakes! – Perfection is not only impossible, it’s overrated. NEWSFLASH: While pursuing the World Championships for Toast Masters, I noticed most contestants at every level made some mistakes, including the winners. Listen, an audience does not want a presenter to be perfect, as much as they want them to be REAL.

Remember, an audience believes in and buys from speakers they can trust. Focusing on the audience and being authentic makes that possible.

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