A New Perspective On Sales Messaging [Infographic]

Posted - October 13, 2017

You may not know this about me, but I have a love of public speaking. While many people shy away from getting in front of a crowd and delivering a message, others are downright afraid of it. Not me. I enjoy speaking so much that I have done it competitively through Toastmasters. My guess is that if you are in sales you at least share my interest in communicating, even if you have not done it competitively.

I Like IT.

Beyond my interest in public speaking, I have another interest. I enjoy technology. In fact, I was an engineer in corporate America for two decades. While in that role, I made an observation about sales presentations. Some were successful and some failed. I wondered why.

Failures sparked questions.

I began looking critically at our sales presentations to learn what made them different. Why did some efforts as sales communications fall short? In addition to my critical analysis, I started asking for customer feedback when we failed to close a deal. The results from my analysis combined with their feedback was informative. No, it was astounding!

Analysis brought answers.

I concluded the presentations used by the sales team failed because they did not effectively address the customers’ questions of how our product would make them more money or how our product would help eliminate their biggest problem. I also observed that our presentations were not clear. They were not concise. They were not engaging nor were they interactive. In fact, the traditional slide deck presentations were overwhelming our customers with too much information. Too many details and too much data about the technology was presented while not giving them the real information they were longing to hear.

We changed our perspective.

So I developed a system to help communicate the sales message in a way that would connect with the customers’ needs, and give the customers an opportunity to be involved in learning how our product would help them increase revenue and/or eliminate their biggest problem. The following infographic highlights some of the ways a traditional presentation, like the ones our team used, can fail, and how a new perspective on sales messaging can help to transform a presentation into an effective tool that brings results. (Click to enlarge the infographic.)

a new perspective on sales messaging infographic

Giving customers what they want.

The new perspective I gained on how to deliver a successful sales message became abundantly clear. Customers who listened to the presentations did not want many details that would bog them down; they wanted solutions to their problems. They wanted to know how to make more money at the end of the day so their businesses would grow. They wanted sales reps who could make the material simple and easy to understand, and who were equipped with the knowledge to answer their questions. I have seen this system work again and again.

Traditional communication methods that rely primarily on overfilled slide decks can cause your listeners’ eyes to glaze and their minds to wander. Those communication styles fall short of telling the audience what they really want to know.

Instead, put this new systematic approach into practice. Change your perspective from what you have to tell the customer to what the customer needs to learn. Then, customize the learning to specifically address their issues and objectives. It’s not complicated, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s simplified, interactive, and… it works.

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