About Brian

Professional Bio

Head of Global Business Strategy  (Last Corporate Position)
Responsible for
20 Engineers
in 4 countries
Customer Growth
  • Computer Science (Texas A&M)
  • 20 years in Software, Marketing, Sales (Silicon Valley)
  • CEO-Perspectivity (Sales Conversation/Presentation/Strategy)
  • Toastmasters World Champ. of Public Speaking (Top 40 of 30K)

Personal Bio

  • Married, Father of 4
  • Avid Runner, Amateur Photographer, Prison & Homeless Ministry
Clients (partial list)
Former Employers

Yes, we see the professional bio, but who is he?

Integrity – Our founder is a man of integrity, he simply does what he says he will do. He values his word to where he will inconvenience himself in order to keep his word.

Ethical – Yes, there is such a thing as right and wrong. He believes in doing the right thing, and sleeping well at night with a clear conscience.

Faith – Yes, he is a man of faith, meaning he submits his work and his will to a higher power (God), and gives all glory to God.

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