Our Process

Sales Process
  • Sales Strategy – What is your game plan?
  • Sales Messaging – Is your message Clear, Compelling, and Concise?
  • Sales EQ – Will your clients say you’re tactical or relational?
  • Sales Tactics – What does your winning sales playbook look like?
Sales Skills

Our assessment draws upon 20 years of field research among 500,000 sales professionals

  • Reliably predicts success
  • Certified EEO-Compliant
  • No psychobabble

A 6-Step System to Masterful Communication

  • Intelligent Design
    • Audience Profile
    • Basic Building Blocks
    • Content Storyboard
  • Influential Delivery
    • Examine Your Content
    • Your Preparation
    • Zero in Your Audience

Sales Growth Program

Systems Strategy Staff Structure
What software systems, tools, and consistent processes do you have in place? Are they practical and efficient? Does your strategy include AI? Do you have a sales playbook? What’s the plan? Do they have the emotional intelligence needed in professional sales? Need more people, or less? Is your sales compensation plan and forecasting accurate? Is there accountability & coaching for the sales team?

How Do We Deliver?

  • Newly released book and online sales messaging university
  • Strategic counseling / Weekly calls
  • Ongoing role-play and reinforcement
  • Coaching, Accountability, Encouragement (because sales can be tough)

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