The Outdated Sales Method That’s Holding You Back

Posted - April 26, 2018

“Everyone focuses on the presentation, but the main goal is communication, so stop merely presenting and begin effectively communicating your ideas to your audience.” – Brian Williams

When a new sales trainee comes to me and says “I’m just not getting the results I know I’m capable of,” 99% of the time I know what the problem is before I even take a look at their strategy.

It’s the same mistake that over 80% of all the sales people in the world, including veteran professionals, are making each day that holds them back from creating the income they dream of.

What’s this career-crippling mistake, you ask?

It’s selling your product or service instead of selling the outcome.

Too many sales presentations focus on this old, outdated method they were taught years ago when they first got into the sales game. In fact, over 50% of the sales training programs available today are still teaching this same strategy. But there’s a different way. A better way.

And it begins with flipping the “product/service-focused presentation” formula on it’s head.

Creating engaging presentations that drive results is no longer about telling your audience what you think they need to know, it’s about answering what they WANT to know.

This can be a difficult mental switch to make, because we’re all experts at our own industry, but it will make a difference not only in the engagement of the audience, but in the results you’ll get when it’s time for them to write a check. At the end of the day, your audience is here to solve a problem and a viable solution is truly the ONLY information they’re interested in.

Your goal should not be to spill facts, figures, and features but to walk them through the transformation they’ll go through by using your product or service. If you can successfully get them to picture themselves in the after state of using your product/service, you’ll increase your chances of making the sale.  Note: This is exactly why when you enter model homes they are beautifully and fully furnished with cookies baking in the oven, not filled with whiteboards of facts and figures.

And the reality is, if you effectively sell your audience (prospect) on the outcome, they’ll naturally have questions about the product or service. This is where you can step in and share your knowledge…not before.

Here are 4 quick ways to tell if you presentation is prospect-focused:

Reworking your presentations to focus on your audience (prospect) will be an absolute game-changer. It’s time to level up your sales game and get closer to the million-dollar mark by taking on this fresh perspective when creating your next presentation.

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