Reimagine Corporate Presentations

If you’re a senior leader or corporate exec who needs to communicate high-stakes messages to employees or shareholders, chances are you’re using a traditional PowerPoint presentation.

You’ll go through it slide by painful slide. Your audience will sort-of listen but a week later, they’ll be guilty of FTE – Failure To Execute – because they didn’t actually absorb any of it!

Successfully communicating your core messages – and having them actually understood – isn’t easy in our fast-paced business world. There’s a better way: shift your perspective and craft clear, compelling and concise messages…and do it both virtually and live.

Perspectivity pushes you to rethink business presentations. We use the science of adult learning and a simple six-step process to revolutionize how you communicate with employees and stakeholders.

Perspectivity founder Brian Williams giving a presentation to a corporate audience.

What You'll Get From Perspectivity

We teach you three key things to save your next corporate presentation. We call it the PIE principle.

And it’s the core of our program: empowering senior leadership to deliver engaging talks and key objectives that make an impact. They’ll learn to command a room so your employees actually absorb information instead of tuning out.

Ready to get busy learning? We offer three ways to engage:

  1. Live Advanced Presentation Consulting/Coaching Program
  2. Virtual Advanced Presentation & Communication Consulting/Coaching Program
  3. Online Learning Advanced Presentation Program

Get Started

Circular graphic broken into three sections: Persuade, Insight, Engagement, with
  • Persuade: Learn the principles of ethical persuasion that we teach high-performance sales pros.
  • Insight: Learn to deliver crucial insight, instead of more information (which nobody wants!)
  • Engagement: Learn the six foundational techniques of engaging the human brain, that allow for real learning and actual retention.

Our Learning Philosophy

Here’s how we’ll teach you the art of communication:

Adult Learning Science

Icon showing a visual concept of gears inside the human mind

We learned the science first, then created our programs, so they are intentionally designed to deliver results

Engaging Presentations

Icon showing a person in a suit standing in front of a poster with a pie chart

People hate reading lots of boring text, so we use a combination of infographics & Prezi to hold your attention

Element of Surprise

Icon showing a bunny rabbit in a magician's hat

We keep you on your toes so you actually want to tune in. Optical illusions, sleight of hand, music, props, role play – it’s all fair game!

Are You Ready for a New Perspective?

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