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Listen, we are all in sales. You are either selling (persuading) someone to believe in your idea, strategy, budget request, product, vision, or goal. That requires a certain skill of influence and persuasion to be effective. We’ll show you how!

Our 6-Step process below has been used in multiple Fortune 100 companies and many small & medium sized business. The system works. We have the results and data to prove it.

Masterful Communication

Intelligent Design A, B, C

Audience Profile

We must first define our target audience, down to the DNA level so the message connects instantly.

Basic Building Blocks

Now we need to structure our entire message, based on the results audience profile.

Content Storyboard

Since the brain loves story 62x more than facts and data, this tool ensures that your message flows like a story from start to finish.

Influencial Delivery X, Y, Z

eXamine Your Content

Once you’ve designed your message, now let’s examine it against the Audience Profile that we created earlier. Will it resonate?

Your Preparation

Now its time to do what sets winners apart from the crowd. Let’s practice!

Zero in on Your Audience

Now that we have the design done and have practiced the delivery, will they both win this audience?

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