Why Selling Your Customer What They Ask For Won’t Always Get You The Sale

Posted - April 22, 2019

“Every great sales coach will tell you, if you want to sell more – you have to get inside your prospect’s head and get to the heart of their problem.

But, can you always trust what your prospect tells you?

Short answer: No.

While those sales coaches are right, you do need to ask questions and find out what your prospects want, they don’t tell you that the real problem you’re trying to solve is often several levels deeper than what your prospect shares.

Why? Because the questions you’ve been trained to ask like “what problems are you struggling with” cue scripted responses from your prospect! This is just not going to cut it anymore. Questions like these are too familiar.

Dozens of other salespeople have come knocking before you, asking the same questions and your prospect has already mentally prepared the answers they think you’ll be looking for.

No, if you want to get to the core of what your audience needs, it requires that you change your perspective on what questions you should be asking. Better yet, instead of just asking questions, how about providing insight!

In step one of the Insight Selling Method we talk about building rapport to create a connection with your prospect by listening and then creating a clear picture of the problem based on their answers, all in real time. This does more than just make them feel valued and appreciated. It allows you to really get to the core of what they need.

Insight selling allows you to connect with your audience as a human-to-human instead of speaker-to-listener. Show you are listening by finally ending your questions, and then painting a clear picture of their problem (that they may not be aware of themselves!). Next, once there is an agreement, you can discuss options for potential solutions.

The more you do this, the more your prospects will trust you because most salespeople are ONLY asking them questions…while providing little insight (only 17% of B2B Sales Professionals do).

But not you, you’re different…

You have a new perspective, one that going to take you places in 2019!

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