6 Steps to Success

Whether you’re presenting your annual plan to your stakeholders, leading a company-wide training or pitching to one of your most coveted target accounts, you really just need to do one thing: deliver a message that is clear, compelling, and most importantly these days…concise.

And you just can’t do that with conventional methods of presenting: boring PowerPoint presentations and lectures that drone on and on. Your corporate presentations and sales conversations need a persuasive, insightful, engaging delivery.

Good news – learning how to do that is much simpler than you think. Our program is built on six easy steps to becoming a master communicator. Here’s how it works:

Masterful Communication graphic showing the 6 steps: Audience Profile, Basic Building Blocks, Content Storyboard, Examine Your Content, Your Profile, Zero in on Your Audience.
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udience Profile

Everything starts with them. Identify who you’re talking to in the first place.

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asic Building Blocks

Build the message foundation. What does your audience care about? How can you move them to change?

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ontent Storyboard

Craft your message into an engaging and compelling story that resonates.

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eXamine Your Content

Reflect on your story with your audience in mind. Are you giving valuable insight, and making it clear why they should care?

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Your Preparation

Practice, practice, practice! Enact real-life scenarios so you can be confident in your delivery.

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Zero in on Your Audience

When it’s finally time to speak, focus on connecting with your audience so your message sticks – and drives action.

Why It Works

We know our framework is a little different from other sales coaching or professional speaking training programs. But we also know that Perspectivity will do for you what conventional approaches can’t: drive transformational results, not incremental change. We have the results to prove it.

Our methodology is built on the science of learning, to help company execs and sales leaders fundamentally change their behaviors when it comes to communication. The six-step framework is designed so you can pick it up easily, apply it immediately and command a room confidently.

Gain a new perspective on corporate speaking. By following our six easy steps, you’ll move from stale presentations to engaging conversations that inspire your audience to take action.

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