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We went from having very few people even interested in our offer, to having 5-figure transactions occur at every event. Not everyone signed at every event, but every event produced a new client.

Patrick H - Head of Private Equity Firm
  • Sales Messaging What message are you communicating to the market? Is it clear, compelling and concise?
  • Sales Presentations Do you have an intelligent design to your message and an influential delivery?
  • Sales Conversations Do you provide insight in your sales conversations? Are your prospects engaged, intrigued, or even interested?
  • Advanced Presentation Skills Do your pitches or executive presentations persuade, convince, and influence your audience to action?

Our Offerings

Perfecting Your Sales Presentations & Conversations

Why They Call:

  • Too many are missing quota
  • In need of a story to tell, not a product to sell

How We Help:

  • Using our 6-Step SystemTM
  • 65% Activity / 35% Informational

Advanced Business Presentations & Executive Presence

Why They Call:

  • Lack of confidence or authority
  • No system to design & deliver simple & clear messages

How We Help:

  • Using our 6-Step SystemTM
  • EQ assessment & 1-on-1 coaching

Raising Your Emotional Intelligence

Why They Call:

  • Lack of synergy within teams
  • Lack of empathy or understanding of others

How We Help:

  • Using our RAISETM Model
  • Using the latest assessment on the market

Implementing Change Readiness

Why They Call:

  • Internal apprehension about difficult changes
  • Lacking simple & clear readiness framework

How We Help:

  • Using our DUELTM Model
  • Data-Driven Change Identification Report

Our results speak for themselves

While lowering overall advertising costs, our methods have provided clients with:

$10M - $50M
Growth on average
$50M - $100M in annual revenue
Growth on average
Growth on average

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