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We went from having very few people even interested in our offer, to having 5-figure transactions occur at every event. Not everyone signed at every event, but every event produced a new client.

Patrick H - Head of Private Equity Firm
  • Sales Messaging What message are you communicating to the market? Is it clear, compelling and concise?
  • Sales Presentations Do you have an intelligent design to your message and an influential delivery?
  • Sales Conversations Do you provide insight in your sales conversations? Are your prospects engaged, intrigued, or even interested?
  • Advanced Presentation Skills Do your pitches or executive presentations persuade, convince, and influence your audience to action?

Our Offerings

Sales Messaging

What message are you communicating to the market? Is it Clear, Compelling, and Concise? Does it powerfully convey your unique value that is hard to find elsewhere? Listen, its tough winning in business, and those that do aren’t winging it, they have a plan, a process, and systems in place. Why don’t you?

Sales Presentations

If you primarily use Sales Presentations to communicate to the market, and you’re not pleased with the response from prospects or clients, your message could lack the PIE principle (Persuade, Influence, Engage). We believe we’re the best in the business in designing and delivering messages that are Clear, Compelling, and Concise…and we have the data to prove it.

Sales Conversations

Every business is always communicating. Either through email, text, video, websites, or in person. The question is, do you have a system, a game plan, a sales communication strategy that grabs the interest of prospects and clients? We are a small team of gifted professionals with a detailed plan to show you how to master the art of the sales conversation. It’s not easy, but it’s effective.

Advanced Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation skills are often overlooked until teams are confused, synergy is lacking, or progress is fading. Our proven 6-Step system is based on Micro-Learning, Infographics, and the Science of Adult Learning. Once you mix in optical illusions, brain games, and many group exercises, you’ll see its a highly requested training by Fortune 500s.

Our results speak for themselves

While lowering overall advertising costs, our methods have provided clients with:

$10M - $50M
Growth on average
$50M - $100M in annual revenue
Growth on average
Growth on average

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