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After 20 years in corporate America, it became clear that corporate training is needed, just from a very different perspective.

Brian Williams- Founder

Business Presentations

Give them P.I.E. - Persuasion, Insight & Engagement. These are key skills to achieving an effective presentation, but they are rarely used. Using our model, learn to create presentations that use the P.I.E. Principle, make an impact and produce results.

Emotional Intelligence

Maximize relationships and minimize conflict. Use our RAISE model and increase your EQ when you understand why you think and behave as you do, how that impacts others and how they may be impacting you.

Change Readiness

Change will happen. Are you ready? Our DUEL model will show you how to proactively lead organizational change by preparing your teams emotionally and practically...before the change occurs.

Sales Presentations

Use our 6-step Design & Delivery System to create presentations that will sell your product or idea in a clear, compelling and concise manner, every time.

Our Offerings

Perfecting Your Sales Presentations & Conversations

Why They Call:

  • Too many are missing quota
  • In need of a story to tell,
    not a product to sell

How We Help:

  • Using our 6-step Design & Delivery System™ to create an effective message. 
  • Role-play, design evaluation & delivery practice

Advanced Business Presentations & Executive Presence

Why They Call:

  • No system to design & deliver simple & clear messages
  • Presentations have too much text, boring, ineffective

How We Help:

  • Using our 6-step Design & Delivery System™ to create an effective message
  • EQ assessment & one-on-one coaching to build confidence and work through challenges

Raising Your Emotional Intelligence

Why They Call:

  • Lack of synergy within teams
  • Lack of empathy or understanding of others

How We Help:

  • Using our RAISE™ model to maximize relationships and minimize conflicts
  • EQ Assessment and interpersonal skills coaching

Implementing Change Readiness

Why They Call:

  • Internal apprehension about difficult changes
  • Lacking simple & clear readiness framework

How We Help:

  • Using our DUEL™ Model
  • Using a data-driven Change Identification Report

What They Are Saying

Working with Perspectivity is a delight. They approach the tried and true subject of communications with a fresh and inventive perspective. Just when you thought you have the skill-set down, Perspectivity surprises you with their unique approach that will take you beyond connecting with your audience to increased productivity, greater business impact, and stronger relationships.

Cindy H.

Head of Talent Management

Not only was my coach able to clearly explain the EQ assessment results, she also engaged in a meaningful dialogue and suggested ways in which I could leverage my profile results to improve my emotional intelligence both professionally and personally.

Jade R.

The intense focus on application & exercises is very much appreciated as they not only allow the participants to apply what they just learned, but they are also resolving actual work issues.

Head of L&D

Fortune 50 Technology Company

Professional, Polished, and Perfect in their execution, and the most valuable training I've ever taken during my 15 years here at Citi.

John S.

As part of a small team tasked with digital transformation in a 150+ person organization, I used to believe that people were either totally "for" or completely "against" change. This Change Readiness program provided a more nuanced view of how people process organizational change. As a result, we are able to articulate and address specific needs to improve buy-in, and more importantly, genuine excitement for our digitization efforts.

Hannah F.

Fortune 100 Global Bank

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